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U.S. News and World ReportDr. Chaffoo Voted One of the Nation's
Top Doctors

Based on peer nominations, U.S. News & World Report has named Dr. Chaffoo one of the Top Doctors in the United States. The magazine noted his specializations in rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial cosmetic surgery. In addition, the Scripps Memorial Hospital campus, where Dr. Chaffoo's office is located, was honored as one of only 2 San Diego area "top hospitals" in the nation.


Video Coverage

Cosmetic Enhancement for the Holidays

Dr. Chaffoo visits Fox 5 to share a variety of tips for looking your best during the holidays. Learn about how much water you need to drink, how much sleep you need, and what products you should use for a youthful glow. And find out what non-surgical and surgical treatments can help... watch the video

The Tongue Patch Diet: Another Dangerous Weight Loss Gimmick?

Dr. Chaffoo, a San Diego plastic surgeon, is featured on Birmingham's Fox 6 News in a report about a new fad diet. The diet involves a patch surgically attached to the tongue, which makes eating solid foods painful. Dr. Chaffoo cautions against this method of weight loss... watch the video

La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery for Baby Boomers

Dr. Richard Chaffoo offers a full range of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for people who desire natural looking enhancement to complement their active lifestyles. In this video, he explains that baby boomers are turning to his La Jolla cosmetic surgery practice to attain a more youthful appearance... watch the video

San Diego 6 News: Dr. Chaffoo Discusses Skin Protection

San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo visits San Diego 6 News to discuss a new study that shows chemicals found in wine and grapes could be used to help protect your skin from sun damage... watch the video

Dr. Chaffoo Talks Natural Plastic Surgery in San Diego on Access Hollywood

Dr. Chaffoo, a surgeon practicing plastic surgery in San Diego, is featured on Access Hollywood in a report about the trend toward natural-looking results in movies and television, particularly for breast augmentation... watch the video

Plastic Surgeon Discusses Sammy Sosa

San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo explains to CBS 8 News that Sammy Sosa's new, pale complexion is probably the result of prescription-strength bleaching cream used for patients with vitiligo... watch the video

Good Morning San Diego: Plastic Surgeon Discusses Model's Death

San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo visits Good Morning San Diego to discuss the death of an Argentinean model from plastic surgery. He also weighs in on the proposed "BOTAX"... watch the video

San Diego Plastic Surgery - Stay North of the Border

In this clip from Fox 5 News, Dr. Richard Chaffoo details the benefits of having plastic surgery in San Diego instead of risking your health and your life south of the border. Hear the story of Anna Lisa Tournahau, whose body lift procedure in Mexico went horribly wrong... watch the video


Dr. Chafoo Consulted About Risky Tongue Patch Surgery

In this Yahoo! Shine article, Dr. Chaffoo weighs in on a weight loss procedure being offered in Beverly Hills that involves sewing a plastic patch onto a patient's tongue, making eating painful. See what he has to say about this controversial practice.
Read the article.

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Radio Coverage

Facial Rejuvenation Choices for Looking Younger Without Surgery:
Dr Lycka & Dr Chaffoo

In this "Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today" Webtalkradio.net interview, board certified San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo joins host Dr. Barry Lycka in an in-depth discussion of non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation. Facial surgery is quite a commitment to time at the doctor's office or in recovery at home, but a number of procedures can achieve similar results without taking you under the knife. The two doctors discuss the latest trends and technology for non-surgical facial rejuvenation, including important preventative measures such as sun protection, skin care, and more. listen to the interview

Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Hair Replacement Surgery : An expert review by Dr Lycka & Dr Chaffoo

Hair Replacement Surgery continues to develop to provide natural looking results with less pain, less discomfort, less downtime and no scars. To help you discover the facts behind these amazing results, this week your show host & Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka introduces Dr Richard Chaffoo, a world famous plastic surgeon who loves doing hair transplants, and who does many of them. The two doctors discuss how hair transplantation surgery has developed from the time when the medical profession were under the opinion that it was impossible... right up to the latest 'gold standard' in hair transplant surgery, micro follicular extraction. Listen to their clear and simple explanations of this latest technique and if you know anyone suffering with hair loss – tell them to listen to this before they do anything else! listen to the interview

San Diego Plastic Surgeon Discusses Sun Protection on Living Today

In this "Living Today" radio interview, San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo explains how to protect your skin against the summer sun. He also offers tips on how to easily and effectively care for your skin... listen to the interview

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